Strategies to Thrive in Your Relationship For White Men Black Women During COVID-19

interracial datingThe world is in a very strange and scary place right now. During times like these relationships with your loved ones, and your significant others, become extremely important, but also rather difficult. A specific type of relationship that has always been difficult in our world, but even more so now, are interracial relationships. Fortunately, as a black woman currently taking part in interracial dating during this pandemic and making it work, I have a few strategies you can use to be successful in interracial dating in the post COVID-19 world.


Now, this may seem like an obvious one, as every relationship relies on communication to an extent, but communication is vital in an interracial relationship. The partners of an interracial relationship, as much as we may hate to admit, will have very different life experiences. This includes those experiences before and during the relationship. I can attest, as I’m sure many people of color can, that even just walking down the street holding hands with a white s/o can be stressful. People shoot you dirty looks, cross the street, and give many other subtle signals that they disapprove of what you’re doing. Your white man or woman may not notice these things, as many white people do not, as they have the privilege of not having to. Communication is important so that white men can understand what their black women counterparts are experiencing on the daily and vice versa. Communication is also important as with COVID-19 hanging around there will either a large increase of time spent together or a large decrease, so you must keep in touch and communicate often so both of you are aware of the other’s feelings.

Take Interest

It is going to be very difficult to communicate if there is no interest to do so. This is targeted mainly to the white men and women who are taking part in interracial dating. Black women as well as black men have a very different understanding and style of living in the world than their white counterparts due to a large imbalance in privilege. It is your job, as a white person dating a person of color to take an interest in what the world is like for their black spouse. Ask them about what struggles they have, ask them what mistakes of privilege you may have made and what you can do to help. With COVID-19 preventing many exciting outings, now is a great time to ask all of the questions you may have skipped before, or explain things your spouse might not quite understand.

Embrace Your Culture

With this pandemic now is the time to explore each other in deeper ways. Instead of arguing about what movie to watch, ask your spouse about their culture. What movies do they feel would you understand them better as black women or men? What music are they interested in sharing with you from their childhood or family? Of course, as all black women and men are sure to feel that they are surrounded by white culture (specifically white men culture) constantly, many white men and women have roots into deeper, more specific cultures. Use COVID-19’s forceful closing of your front door as an opportunity to explore your spouse’s culture in new ways. You will quickly find that you both not only have a better understanding of another, but also will be closer than you ever been.

Speak Up in the Bedroom

If you are lucky enough to be quarantined with your spouse, an activity you may find yourself partaking in much more often (if you are into that sort of thing) is sex. Before COVID-19 there may have been a lot of responsibilities (work, school, etc.) minimizing the amount of time in the bedroom. However, for most of us there is all the time in the world and discussing with your partner what sexual fantasies or activities you want to try is a great way to reduce stress and keep any relationship healthy, including interracial ones.

The world might be a scary place right now, but your relationship does not have to be scary too. Interracial dating can be difficult in any state of the world, let alone this current one. Speak up to your spouse. White men, black men, white women, and black women, the most important thing is to care about each other. Communicate, take an interest, embrace your respective culture, and speak up! Your relationship will thank you for it.

Why White Man Black Woman Relationship Is So Popular

white man black womanHave you ever wondered why swirling or interracial dating has gotten more and more in demand and accepted in many parts of the world? Did you ever see a white man dating black woman?

In the past, interracial marriages and dating was nothing but a dream, and even considered illegal. But, everything changed in 1967 when the Supreme Court ruled it legal to marry someone outside your own race. The United States reckons the laws against miscegenation as unconstitutional, and most states decided to make interracial marriages legal.

Based on studies, there has been a steady increase in the number of interracial marriages since the 1980s, the main reason of which is the high number of Asian and Hispanic immigrants that flooded the United States. Surveys also discovered a few interesting facts:

  • 1 of 10 marriages in the United States is an interracial marriage.
  • Black people, who happen to be mostly segregated, want to marry a white partner. The trend is becoming more and more common these days.
  • Hispanics and Asians want to marry someone from a different race.
  • There is a substantial rate of swirling among younger people, with 96 percent of all marriages being of couples who are 18 to 29 years old.
  • Asian Americans have more chances of marrying people from a different ethnic background or race.

Reasons to Indulge in Swirling and Interracial Dating

There are a lot of reasons why it is no longer new to see a white man dating black woman, and these include the following:

  • According to some people, even with the differences in color, people tend to be more attracted to the good behavior of a person they choose to marry.
  • Black women are said to be beautiful, that is why there are white men who prefer to date them.
  • The socio-economic environment plays a crucial role here as well. In general, women tend to be more attracted and interested in wealthy men.
  • People in the United States are more open-minded compared to those in other countries. They are accepting of the thought of dating someone from a different race.
  • The common interests between a man and a woman are good enough reason why swirling and interracial dating has gotten more popular.

If you will come to think of it, dating and marriage are between two individuals, and not between two races. A person chooses his or her partner because of love, and not because of the color of the skin.

This means that a person gets attracted to another person due to their similarities no matter what their races might be.

Being a black skinned woman shouldn’t make you feel inferior. Finding your ideal partner from the opposite race is definitely not a sin. People date then marry someone from a different race or color because of similarities and the hopes of making their life happier.

Indeed, there are a lot of reasons why interracial dating has gotten more popular. Even if your Mr. or Miss Right is different color, you need to be the right person to make the relationship work. Color is nothing but a superficial thing.